Meet Kathline Carr: Downstreet Art Interview

August 17, 2016 |

Meet Kathline Carr! Kathline is a DownStreet Artist as well as a DownStreet Curator! Kathline has works displayed this month (July 28-August 24) in exPRESS Gallery as part of the Assets 4 Artists group show, “Local Color”, an exhibit that she curated as well.

“Local Color” includes the works of 7 local artists that are all involved with Assets 4 Artists, an initiative that supports local Berkshire artists in the creation of their work. The artists that are exhibited in “Local Color” are Kathline Carr, Jim Peters, Michelle Daly, Megan Tamas, Josh Harriman, Sarah Pike, and Max Spitzer.

Kathline will also be exhibiting work in a two person show next month (August 25-September 28) with Donna Cleary, also in exPRESS Gallery. She’s a DownStreet Art rockstar!