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Recurrent themes in our collaborative work have been the tension between text and image, and the transmutation
of the body. Hybridity, both in writing and in art-making, allows for a symbiotic exchange of images and ideas, an
exploration of the intersection of different, even divergent, media.

Kathline Carr + Jim Peters

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Subcutaneous Reckoning, 2011 by Jim Peters and his wife Kathline Carr, directly addresses issues of electronic publication and the necessity or definition of the artist’s book as a physical book yet they use the digital medium to produce the content. Their digital work has become an “intensely personal and romantic form of collaboration.” (40) The digital creates a space for a different kind of collaboration that is generative, fluid and entwined. It allows them to interweave their images and texts in an almost infinite 4-D environment versus say, the 2-dimensional space of the flat canvas or page (for instance the Frank O’Hara and Larry Rivers collaborations). But the digital lacks the physical presence and tactility, the additional affect of the analogue book. --Thyrza Nichols Goodeve, from the exhibition catalog for One of a Kind: An Exhibition of Unique Artist's Books, curated by Heide Hatry.